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UPS rehires 250 workers it fired for job action

New York Teacher


Buckling to public pressure, the United Parcel Service said it will no longer terminate the 250 unionized delivery drivers who participated in a 90-minute walkout in Queens on Feb. 26.

The shipping giant fired 19 of the workers on March 31 and sent another 17 packing on April 4. It had promised to dismiss the remaining 214 after replacement drivers were trained.

The workers — the company’s entire Queens delivery force — had walked off the job to protest the firing of their co-worker Jairo Reyes, a union activist and 24-year veteran driver.

In the agreement reached between the company and Teamsters Local 804, which represents the drivers, UPS will rehire the 250 workers and give Reyes his job back, and the union will compensate the company for damages as a result of the 90-minute walkout. All the drivers will serve a two-week suspension.

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