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Volume LXI, No.6

April 30, 2020

Cover Story

Remote control

As teachers navigate the world of remote classrooms, they get a boost from tech-savvy colleagues.

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Other Features

Pandemic-related Information

The coronavirus era

Q&A on the Issues

Elements of the UFT-Department of Education contract do not translate easily to the remote era of teaching and learning, so the DOE, in consultation with the UFT, has issued new guidance and created new protocols and procedures for school staff.

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Know Your Benefits

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted city health care providers and the UFT Welfare Fund to retool how they provide services while offering extra support for those who become infected with the coronavirus.

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Secure Your Future

The Teachers’ Retirement System is in a better position than many to weather the market downturn thanks to its careful investment strategy.

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Your Well Being

If you feel your life has been upended overnight, you’re not alone. The coronavirus crisis has changed everyone’s reality and adapting is an ongoing challenge.

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New Teacher Article

If you have concerns about your ability to get your certification and/or tenure during this remote-teaching time, the UFT has your back.

Teaching Resources

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Teacher to Teacher

Is remote learning effective? Here are some ways to find out.

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Linking to Learning

Here are some strategies to make remote learning successful, engaging and fun.

Grants, Awards & Freebies

See what's available to you now as an educator.

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