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Only 4 NYC schools make ‘dangerous’ list

New York Teacher

The Department of Education announced on Aug. 2 that only four New York City public schools appeared on the state’s 2016 list of Persistently Dangerous Schools.

That number represents an 85 percent decrease from a year ago, when 27 schools were cited as persistently dangerous by the State Education Department. Twenty-five of the schools on last year’s list were removed.

“The goal is to have no schools on this list, but the trend is good news for students and our members,” UFT President Michael Mulgrew said. “Every school should be safe for students and the educators.”

The DOE said resources such as expanded training on restorative practices and guidance supports have improved cultures at many of the schools formerly on the list. The DOE also works closely with the State Education Department’s Office of Student Support Services to help bring additional training and technical assistance into designated schools. It also credited the Positive Learning Collaborative, a joint DOE-UFT initiative to create safe and supportive learning environments by providing educators with strategies to respond to and head off challenging student behavior.

Under federal law, students attending persistently dangerous schools have the right to transfer out at any time. Only elementary schools were on the list this year: two schools from Brooklyn (PS 213 and PS 306), one from Queens (PS 111) and one from the Bronx (PS 207).

The improvement underscores “the dedication and tireless work of teachers, counseling staff, administrators and school safety agents,” Schools Chancellor Carmen Fariña said.

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