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Teachers confront Golden on evaluation bill

New York Teacher
Miller Photography

Brooklyn teachers rallied outside state Sen. Marty Golden’s office (above) in Bay Ridge on June 1 to try to change his mind — and his opposition — to the state bill to sever the mandatory link between students’ state test scores and teacher evaluations. The bill sailed through the state Assembly on May 2 but stalled in the Senate due to the opposition of Golden and eight of his fellow Republicans and a handful of Democratic holdouts. Golden was one of three New York City state senators, along with Andrew Lanza and Simcha Felder, targeted by the UFT. “This is really important to me,” said Thomas Pascarella, a chapter leader and 5th-grade special education teacher at PS 48 in Bensonhurst, explaining why he came. “We are not a number and our students are not just numbers — tests are not what make us teachers or make students learners.” Giuliana Sarulllo, a music teacher at PS 204 in Bensonhurst, said the issue is important to her because “it is very apparent to teachers, especially in the arts, that not all students excel on standardized tests.” Sarullo said she came out to protest “because I am part of the teachers’ union, and union members show up to fight for causes we believe in.” The three-year moratorium on the use of state ELA and math exams to rate teachers in grades 3–8 ends in June 2019.

NY Teacher