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UFT Spring Conference 2019 Workshops

NY Teacher

At this year's UFT Spring Education Conference on Saturday, May 18, at the New York Hilton, attendees will enjoy breakfast, a town hall, exhibits, new workshops, and a gala luncheon. 

Conference Attendees have a choice of one of any of the following new two-hour workshops: 

  1. Technologies for 21st Century Learners: Participants will explore the Next Generation Standards through instructional technology tools that support comprehension and expression in a variety of contexts. Educators from the UFT Teacher Center Partner Schools will discuss how their students apply and strengthen their academic skills using 21st Century tools and apps.
  2. Advancing Literacy Skills for 21st Century Learners: Participants will learn about connections between the New York State Next Generation Learning Standards for Literacy and the changing expectations for the 21st Century. Educators will explore the close relationship between the Lifelong Practices of Readers and Writers and the domains of literacy.
  3. Mathematics for 21st Century Learners: In this session, participants will use multiple entry points as they engage in problem solving to build awareness of the Next Generation Mathematics Learning Standards. As a strategy for deepening conceptual understanding, educators will explore the mathematical progressions to target and align instruction with the Standards for Mathematical Practice.
  4. Access for Students with Disabilities in the 21st Century: In this session, participants will examine evidence-based principles and practices that support students with disabilities. Educators will make connections between the Blueprint for Improved Results for Students with Disabilities and the Next Generation Standards.
  5. Strategies to Make Schools Safe and Supportive for All Students: Discussions around institutional racism, religion, sexual orientation, class, ability, gender identity and, citizenship have been happening all over the country and our schools are no exception. Many educators have begun to receive professional development that addresses implicit bias and how it has impacted discipline policies. In this workshop, we will share strategies that schools are using to create positive, safe and welcoming environments for all students.
  6. Student debt is a major factor in the lives of many UFT members. The union has just launched a new Student Debt Relief Program, aimed at helping members burdened by student loans. Hear more about the program and what public service loan forgiveness is all about.
NY Teacher