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New York TeacherApril 30, 2020

Volume LXI , Issue 6
NY Teacher Volume LXI 6

Latest News

JHS 291 Chapter Leader Catherine Rhee (left) and paraprofessional Frances Rivera
News Stories

Brooklyn school fights off charter’s expansion

The UFT helps parents and the community thwart the expansion of a co-located charter school in Brooklyn.

the amazon logo but with the arrow flipped to show a sad face
National News

Prime peril for profit 

As consumers increasingly rely on Amazon for their shopping needs during the coronavirus crisis, the company’s workers say the digital giant is putting their health in peril to turn a profit.

The delegate assembly takes place while a camera is recording to live stream the meeting.
News Stories

Delegate meetings go remote

The March and April Delegate Assembly meetings took place in unusual formats because of the coronavirus pandemic. 

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Feature Stories

Providers Walking
Today's history lesson

May 17, 2007: 12,000 family child care providers request UFT representation

In what was a pivotal moment in its two-year organizing drive, the UFT on May 17, 2007, handed in more than 12,000 cards signed by home-based child care providers indicating these workers wanted the union to represent them. 

Then-UFT President Randi Weingarten, along with elected officials and labor leaders, delivered the cards to the State Employment Relations Board in red wagons.

The action came six days after then-Gov. Eliot Spitzer signed an executive order permitting the providers to unionize.

Three months later, in August, the state board announced it had certified the cards. And following an intense door-knocking campaign, phone banks and get-out-the-vote rallies, the city’s 28,000 providers voted overwhelmingly in October to join the UFT.

A teacher goes through supplies from a tote bag

Supplies Party

PS 188 in Coney Island, Brooklyn, is remembering a former educator at the school by giving teachers tote bags full of supplies purchased thanks to a donation by her daughter.

A teacher works with students in a hydroponics lab

Science grows in Brooklyn

Dressed in crisp, white lab coats, students gave tours of the new science lab at MS 484 in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, on March 13 and had the opportunity to see the hydroponic growing systems they had been studying in action.

Member Spotlight

Thomas Pascarella
Chapter Leader Shoutout

Kudos to Thomas Pascarella, PS 48, Brooklyn

PS 48 in Brooklyn praises chapter leader for getting entire school online for distance learning.

Kenneth McLaughlin
What I Do

What I do: Kenneth McLaughlin, attendance teacher

Attendance teachers ensure that students and their families have the support they need so students attend school every day or participate using technology during this remote-learning period.

Around the UFT

Participants in the meeting take part in an exercise. Two women in the front are engaged.

Aligning curriculum to standards

UFT-DOE focus group considers how best to evaluate and implement curricula that exemplify clear standards.

School Counselors Conference

School Counselors Conference

UFT President Michael Mulgrew praised school counselors for "keeping people calm" daily as well as in a crisis during the 16th annual School Counselors Conference at UFT headquarters in Manhattan on March 7.

Your Rights and Benefits

Know Your Benefits

Health services during pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted city health care providers and the UFT Welfare Fund to retool how they provide services while offering extra support for those who become infected with the coronavirus.

Know Your Rights


In addition to the regular pay increases negotiated in each city Department of Education-UFT contract, UFT-represented teachers and other pedagogues receive differentials, step payments and longevity increases based on their level of education and years of service.

You Should Know

Q&A on the Issues

The coronavirus era

Elements of the UFT-DOE contract do not translate easily to the remote era of teaching and learning, so the DOE, in consultation with the UFT, issued new guidance and created new protocols and procedures for school staff. This Q&A answers some of the most commonly asked questions.

Secure Your Future

CARES Act allows easier access to retirement funds

The Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security Act passed by Congress in early April allows easier access to retirement funds for those U.S. residents still working but in financial need.

Secure Your Future

Pandemic and your pension

The coronavirus pandemic has had a serious impact on financial markets around the world. Many U.S. families have lost savings.

Your Well-being

Our new reality

If you feel your life has been upended overnight, you’re not alone. The coronavirus crisis has changed everyone’s reality and adapting is an ongoing challenge.



Getting students career ready — remotely

When the coronavirus crisis forced city public schools to make the transition to remote learning, career and technical education teachers faced an additional hurdle: how to recreate the hands-on learning that is so important for getting students career ready.

President's Perspective

Pulling through together

UFT members have confronted the biggest personal and professional challenges in more than a generation, and have met them with integrity.


Thanks to the medical professionals

In the same way we thanked our police, firefighters and EMS workers after 9/11, we are going to have to thank our doctors, nurses and medical personnel who are on the front line of this virus worldwide.


History lesson

Over the years I have seen, at teachers’ demonstrations, a sign saying, “You can’t have a Cadillac school system at Volkswagen prices.” I thought you might like to know where that saying came from.


Getting help for veterans

Retiree Michael Rothfeld produced five documentaries recounting the stories of veterans who served in World War II and the Korean, Vietnam and other wars.


Virtual learning observations

The coronavirus has made online learning a health necessity, but I’m sure that many see this as the future of education. Teachers are not expendable at this time.


Closing schools made sense

Remote learning is starting to really take hold now and I know we can do a lot of amazing things with the children.

Teaching Resources

Teacher to Teacher

Assessing effectiveness of remote learning

Is remote learning effective? Here are some ways to find out.

Learning Curve

Making connections

When schools transitioned to remote learning, I was anxious not just about schoolwork but about socialization. How can teachers maintain an engaging, interactive relationship with their students when they can no longer be in the same room? Educators share the same concerns.

Building Your Career

New Teachers

Let’s not lose sight of our ‘why’

In mid-March, all teachers were faced with the challenge of continuing to serve and support their students from a distance due to COVID-19. As a second-year speech teacher, I have struggled to figure out, with little training and guidance, how to translate a full schedule of face-to-face therapy into a full schedule of tele-therapy.

New Teacher Articles

Certification, tenure angst?

If you're a newer teacher with concerns about your ability to get your certification and/or tenure during  this remote-teaching time, the UFT has your back.

Retired Teachers News

Facebook Logo

Facebook keeps retirees connected

In these unsettling times, the Retired Teachers Chapter is making every effort to reach out to reassure and support its members. That means using all available avenues to keep in touch with the 70,000 UFT retirees across the country. Facebook is becoming an important part of their outreach.

The chapter in 2019 organized a Facebook group for New York retirees called UFT Retired Teachers Chapter, which has 235 local retirees as members.

Staten Island retiree Susan Pulice, who serves as the group’s administrator, said she wanted to share all the benefits of retirement with UFT retirees in the New York metropolitan area. She envisioned the Facebook group as both an information hub as well as a place to post inspirational messages, photos, travel tips, book reviews and anything “that makes our retiree life better,” she said.

At the UFT’s Teacher Union Day in 2018, Pulice won the Public School Proud Award for her Twitter postings on all the wonderful things happening in public schools. “I had all that positive experience in my back pocket when I retired that year,” she said.

Steven Sacknoff

Smooth sailing for science guru

Retired teacher uses his skill as an educator and his love of sailing on the Hudson River to transition into a captain on electric boats at a conservancy, where he teaches about Southwest Florida's ecosystem

Love in the Time of Cholera book

‘Love in the Time of Cholera’

As we navigate the uncertainty of life during the coronavirus pandemic, we still have work to do as UFT members and activists. As always, the RTC is ready to answer our union's call.

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