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Chancellor’s tough task ahead

New York Teacher

If the chancellor is sincere ["Fariña’s goal: Restore dignity, respect to teaching,” on page 7 of this issue], she’s got her work cut out for her. It’s appalling the way we’re being treated.

When cops, firefighters, sanitation workers and most other city workers go home, most of them have the luxury of being able to leave work at work and can relax and enjoy things like family and friends. Not New York City teachers.

Between lesson planning, grading, artifact gathering, data collecting, where are our rights? The workload continues to increase as we work with an outdated contract and offensively poor wages. More work for less money and no respect is no way to run a business.

John Sweeney, PS 45, Queens
(via Facebook)

Fariña’s comment regarding hiring consultants is the first thing I’ve heard anyone from the DOE say that made complete sense. If anyone wants to know how gifted children learn, come see the incredible work the teachers in my school do every day. For more difficult learners, I can refer you to so many of my friends who work miracles with their students. The best part: We won’t charge you a thing to tell you how we do it!

Rudy Passaro, IS 187, Brooklyn
(via Facebook)

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