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Class reunion

New York Teacher

I teach visual arts and received a Keep Kids Learning/Donors grant for $1,000 for art supplies for my students.

After reflecting on how to get the most for my money, I decided to order in bulk, have supplies shipped to my home and make packages for each of my students. After confirming the current addresses of my students, I took a drive through Cambria Heights and Queens Village and dropped off supplies.

On one of my deliveries, the students’ father asked me to wait and opened the curtains. At first the boys did not recognize me (I was wearing a mask), but when they did they screamed my name. They were surprised and happy to see me! It was really heartwarming and made me realize how much I missed seeing my students each day.

It was quite an undertaking as you might imagine, but I am reaping the rewards on a daily basis. When my students log in, I am confident they are prepared for class. I know they are engaged because when it is time to sign off, they are still working!

Looking ahead, I have a better idea of how a blended learning model can work for me and my students.

Elizabeth Connolly, PS 147, Queens

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