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Election 2020 endorsements

New York Teacher

Educators and our unions must be at the forefront of struggles for democracy and social justice. We are therefore disappointed that the proposal to discuss a resolution for a democratic process to choose our union’s 2020 presidential endorsement was voted down at the December Delegate Assembly.

We do not agree with the current endorsement process, when numerous past endorsements seem to have been made primarily out of consideration for who was the establishment candidate they thought was most likely to win. In the Donald Trump moment, it is simply not sufficient to say that the establishment’s preferred candidate is the most likely to win.

We think it would have been a good start toward greater union democracy to have a transparent process, holding discussions at the chapter level and giving members a direct say.

The entire UFT membership is capable of debating and coming to a democratic decision.

Amanda Vender, International High School for Health Sciences, Queens
Erik Mears, Newcomers HS, Queens

Editor’s Note: The American Federation of Teachers, the UFT’s national union, makes endorsements in national races.

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