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Missed retro

New York Teacher

I have been teaching for 26 years, but I made the huge mistake of leaving to teach in the suburbs in 2016. I gratefully returned to New York City in 2018, but I was not eligible to receive the retro that I earned because I was teaching during the dates the retro was applied. Since I was not on payroll on the arbitrary date decided upon by the UFT and the DOE, I will not receive any retro.

I grieved it and went to a hearing where I was told my union and the city negotiated the terms of the retro. Retirees received the retroactive payment, but someone who resigned to continue teaching elsewhere and then returned to the DOE is not eligible. I earned that money years ago and I am very upset no provision was put in place to compensate all members who were owed that money.

I wish things were different, but I have taught long enough to know the system is full of injustices and I have to accept it.

Melissa Martinez-Orengo, PS 87, Manhattan

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