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No shortcuts for charter schools

New York Teacher

If charter schools in New York State are allowed to hire non-state-certified teachers [“Double standard,” Sept. 7], then those teachers should not be allowed to benefit from/organize through the UFT. Teachers who have earned all of the required certifications to be a teacher in New York State have fought long and hard through the union to earn our rights. Charter school teachers will no longer be our peers and they should not be able to ride on the coattails of our accomplishments anymore.

This may sound unsympathetic, but I have worked in the New York City public schools for 18 years and taught for 20 years. I have gone through every certification hoop required and kept up with state-mandated professional development hours. I have earned my teaching stripes. I am proud of this, and the standards that we meet. To watch SUNY water down our profession makes me sick to my stomach.

Jen Spence, Brooklyn Preparatory HS

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