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Shame on the radio station for airing anti-union commercial


The following letter was sent to the Z100 radio station after the writer heard an anti-teachers' union commercial on Jan. 8 sponsored by the anti-labor Union Facts.

I am a teacher in the New York City Department of Education. I work in the Bronx to be specific. I have been listening to the morning show for years, and it starts my day with a chuckle. You can only imagine my horror as I heard an advertisement on your show this morning at around 7:50 a.m. calling teachers an impediment to the education of New York students. The commercial called teachers’ unions the “white elephant” in the room that hinders the education of New York children. I'm surprised and offended that you would air such an inflammatory, one-sided and disrespectful commercial on a show that strives for light-hearted entertainment and stays away from politics. There are many unions in New York State, and I am sure you have union members employed at your station. There are also police, firefighters, sanitation workers, nurses and others who belong to unions. Are all the problems in our society to be blamed on union members, or is it just fashionable and acceptable to vilify teachers? I think that in light of recent tragedies teachers have proven themselves to be selfless, caring, brave and willing to give their lives for their students. SHAME ON YOU for airing this commercial. I will encourage my colleagues to find another station to listen to on their rides to work in the morning.

Robin Plummer
IS 229, Bronx

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