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Solidarity never more crucial

New York Teacher

The charter school TV ad shows that now more than ever we need to stick together. Infighting within our union is exactly what these “deformers” want. They want to break up our unions.

If we take a more united stand, the powers that be will be forced to be held accountable. We need this positivity to go viral and spread past the pro-charter, anti-public school campaign #dontstealpossible. We need to work together and fight together or we will all be seriously in trouble in the near future.

We see it happening already. Whoever you stand with within our union, let’s make the positive changes to save our schools, to save our kids, to save our jobs, to save our livelihoods.

Mindy Rubinstein-Rosier, M811, Manhattan
(via Facebook)

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The reason there is so much teacher- and UFT-bashing on corporate “news” is because they want to convince the public that unionized teachers have failed their kids. Once they have achieved that goal, they can move to bust unions and privatize the education system and make billions of dollars in profit for substandard schools.

Christine Beck, PS 32, Staten Island
(via Facebook)

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