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Tale of two Cuomos

New York Teacher

In the 1980s, I brought my class of high school equivalency students to the World Trade Center for a New York City Board of Education function. On the way to the subway, to return to our South Bronx site, I spotted Mario Cuomo, accompanied by two taller gentlemen, crossing the lobby about 40 feet away. I mentioned to my students: “There goes Mario Cuomo, the governor of New York State.”

One of my bolder charges lost no time in calling out, “Hey Mario, Mario, Cum ’ere!” Cuomo indeed walked over to our group. I apologized for the lack of proper courtesy and introduced our group. For two minutes, Gov. Cuomo asked the students questions and listened to what they had to say. He then shook their hands and wished them success. I’ve often wondered if any of these students remember Mario Cuomo’s graciousness as deeply as I.

Jerome Henkin, retired

Andrew Cuomo is no Mario. He has sold out. His ambitions make him like a thinner version of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, rather than like the son of an ethical man.

Anthony Losardo, retired (via Facebook)

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