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Teachers are held accountable as the DOE withholds supplies


[This letter was originally published in the Staten Island Advance on Nov. 5, 2013.]

Once again, I am writing to complain about the lack of accountability on the part of the Department of Education.

We are in the eighth week of school and still don’t have all the materials needed to teach our children. In my school, three grades don’t have math workbooks for the students.

We are wasting time, paper and ink to copy materials for them to show what they can do. Go Math is not a new program; some schools have been using it for several years.

The problem seems to be that the DOE, in its infinite wisdom, decided to warehouse all the materials in one central location instead of letting the publisher distribute books to each school. No one knows when materials will be delivered to the schools that need them. They are taking a survey to find out what schools have and what they still need.

Yet teachers are going to be evaluated on the progress that their students make!

When will this insanity end? Where is the accountability on the employer's part? Please help us to help our students.

UFT member Susan Adams Westerleigh


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