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Teaching in a toxic climate

New York Teacher

The president of the United States recently suggested that there might be violence if Democrats were voted into office. He said this despite the fact that there is no evidence or language from prospective Democratic candidates advocating such conduct.

After such nonpresidential behavior, Donald Trump told religious leaders to advocate for Republican candidates from the pulpit, which is in violation of the law. He admonished his Attorney General for bringing charges against two members of his own party prior to the elections as if the Justice Department were there to protect him and his political party.
Immediately following these events, The New York Times published an anonymous op-ed from a White House insider questioning the judgment and psychological stability of the commander in chief. This occurred after the release of excerpts from Bob Woodward’s book, which made clear the instability of this president.

How are educators going to teach today’s students the art of healthy political associations and discourse in such a toxic climate? It might be up to teachers engaging their students in mature civil discourse where diverse opinions are expressed and respected to save the republic from implosion since our political leaders appear unwilling to do so.

Larry Hoffner, retired

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