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UFT vaccine program

New York Teacher

I am a District 75 in-person teacher, in the classroom five days a week, and am listening to your Feb. 4 UFT town hall while waiting in the NYU post-vaccine waiting area to ensure I do not have a reaction to my second vaccine shot.

The union’s scheduling my vaccine appointments allowed me to get these vaccines, as I was not having any luck with the city scheduling sites, so thanks to President Michael Mulgrew and everyone at the UFT for making it possible for us to get our vaccines.

Diane M. McNicholas, PS 721M @ Manhattan OTC


Thank you, UFT, for the vaccination program. My first dose is scheduled for this coming Wednesday, right in my neighborhood!!

Gina Kaufman Tuckman, PS 231K @ PS 54, Brooklyn
(via Facebook)


Thank you, UFT, for making this so easy for us! I was matched right away and got my first dose on Wednesday!

Meghan Nickerson, IS 256, Manhattan
(via Facebook)

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