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UFT wrong on gifted and talented

New York Teacher

I would like to voice my concern about the UFT’s opposition to the School Diversity Advisory Group’s recommendation to phase out gifted-and-talented programs in New York City, which use a single admissions test administered to 4-year-olds. The group recommends replacing the programs with expanded enrichment opportunities for all children.

New York State has the most segregated schools in the nation, in large part due to New York City’s segregated system. There is no reason why, in 2019, the DOE should be separating its youngest students and reinforcing racial hierarchies and stereotypes.

The union has already criticized the validity of a single test for admission to gifted-and-talented programs and specialized high schools. I ask that our union take bold anti-racist leadership in favor of equitable enrichment programs for all students and for school integration.

Amanda Vender, International HS
for Health Sciences, Queens

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