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We must vote our interests

New York Teacher

Many don’t realize it, but the most important story in the April 22 edition was headlined “Chicago teachers’ broad bargaining rights restored.” The Illinois 1995 Chicago School Reform Amendatory Act prevented the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) from bargaining over anything other than bread-and-butter issues like pay and benefits. The union could not bargain over class size, adequate support staff, the outsourcing of school services, and more. Both Republicans and Democrats used the law to serve many of their dubious “reform” interests. Don’t say it can’t happen here!

Caveat emptor is the old maxim. It applies to whom you vote for. The UFT has wisely endorsed Scott Stringer for mayor. He has been a steadfast supporter of both in-service and retiree members throughout his political career. Let the 25 years of experiences of the CTU without bargaining rights serve as a reminder of what happens when we don’t vote our interests!

Vincent T. Gaglione, retired