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Question authority

New York Teacher

“The Education of Eva Moskowitz: A Memoir,” released in December, has been extensively reviewed. Whether they favored her Success Academy methods or not, most critics made mention of Moskowitz’s self-righteousness and long memory for long-ago battles. As one reviewer noted, do we want someone with such venom in charge of students? Good question.

But perhaps the most trenchant observation about her memoir pointed out a disconnect: Moskowitz gleefully and proudly reveals her combative and feisty behavior from childhood on, yet she is having none of it in her own Success Academy classrooms.

It’s too bad that someone who prides herself on her assertive personality has so doggedly failed to honor that quality in her students. The rigid rules and discipline imposed in Success Academy schools recognize no joy in learning.

It’s almost as if she believes the opportunity to learn in a more free-wheeling — and forgiving — atmosphere should be reserved for some people and not others.

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