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OT/PT Consultation Meeting Minutes: Jan. 30, 2019

Consultation Committee minutes for 01/30/19

  1. The ecological assessment is not mandatory, required, and considered voluntary.
  2. Course Approvals cannot be unreasonably denied to therapists. The joint labor management committee will create standards for reasonable denial so everyone has access to continuing education courses.
  3. Therapists being told to submit progress reports prior to IEP meetings should refer to page 47 of the SOPM. The SOPM clearly states what's required if you're attending an IEP meeting or if you are not attending an IEP meeting.
  4. Parent Training is usually done by Guidance and School Psychologists. If OT's and PT's are asked to do parent training and have no scheduled time reach out to your supervisor. If you are doing parent training let your supervisor know, put it on your schedule, and it should be on the IEP.
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