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OT/PT Consultation Meeting Minutes: July 30, 2015

Date: Thursday, July 30
Time: 11 a.m.–12 p.m.
Location: UFT headquarters at 52 Broadway, Manhattan

In attendance: Suzanne Sanchez, DOE; Carmen Alvarez, UFT vice president for special education; Kerri Evangelista, OT/PT chapter leader; and Elizabeth Truly.

Issues discussed:

  • Proposed clinical guide – We discussed how it would be uploaded and how parents would have access. New executive board members will have input, and then will get back to DOE.
  • New hires – The DOE is in a holding pattern. Discussed letting Chapter Leader know about orientation for new hires. DOE will get back to us on the total number of therapists.
  • Part-time therapists – The 2014 new MOA had a big impact on their work schedule and hours worked. We discussed the rules re: part-time hours. The supervisor or, in the absence of a supervisor, a manager, should already have reached to all part-time therapists with regard to hours for the 2015–16 school year.

    Moving forward, Ms. Sanchez will approve part-time assignments based on hardship. A part-time therapist will not be able to stay in his/her current school as they will have to go where there is a part-time caseload. We currently have about 60 part-time therapists.

  • Principals and access to SESIS – Ms. Sanchez said that they have always had access to this system.
  • Summer bereavement days – We discussed briefly.
  • Signing in/out – Signing in and out in a non-permanent way is recommended for child’s safety and protect DOE and therapists. Follow up with Districts 1 to 32 and  District 75 notifying principals of such was asked for.
  • Evaluations – Ms. Sanchez was clear: All evaluations must be documented. Do not cancel a sessions to complete an evaluation. If you have an evaluation to complete at your school, please contact your supervisor to assign an evaluator. This topic continues to be the focus of an ongoing conversation between the UFT and the DOE.
  • Triennial paperwork – Discussed triennial paperwork.
  • SIT role and use in summer – We discussed the use of Senior Instructional Therapist (SIT) during the summer program. The union asked for a list of SITS and would like to have a meeting with them to discuss their role.