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Mulgrew responds to District 15 diversity plan

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Mayor de Blasio and Schools Chancellor Richard A. Carranza approved a diversity plan on Sept. 20, 2018 to increase middle school diversity in Brooklyn’s District 15 after a year-long community-driven process and proposal, and launching a $2 million school diversity grant program for other school districts and communities across the city to develop their own community-driven diversity plans. The District 15 middle school diversity plan will remove screens from all middle schools, and will prioritize 6th-grade seats for students from low-income families, English Language Learners, and students in temporary housing to match District 15’s demographics, currently 52 percent of the seats.

In response, UFT President Michael Mulgrew issued the following statement:

New York City public schools need to reflect the diversity of the city. We are pleased to see Brooklyn District 15 educators and parents working together to help ensure their middle schools provide the best opportunities for all students in the district.

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Press Releases