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Mulgrew responds to School Diversity Advisory Group recommendations

Press Releases

The School Diversity Advisory Group, appointed by Mayor Bill de Blasio to review and address inequities in the city school system, released its second report on Aug. 27. The group recommended the city replace its current elementary gifted and talented programs with new magnet schools and enrichment offerings. The city’s Department of Education, and by extension City Hall, have the final say in whether to accept the recommendations. The UFT is an active member of the group and supported the majority of its final recommendations.

UFT President Michael Mulgrew released the following statement in response:

Every community has children who could thrive in a gifted and talented program, and it is our responsibility to help our children reach their full potential. We do not support the elimination of the city’s gifted and talented programs. We believe the programs need to be revamped and access to them expanded. In addition, the city should stop using its current admissions test for very young children. This test has always been unreliable and developmentally inappropriate.