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Opening of permanent full-service vision center in a school-based health center

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The UFT celebrates the opening of a OneSight vision center at PS 188 in Coney Island, a UFT Community Learning School.

The vision center will be the first permanent full-service eye clinic operating in a school-based health center in the state, according to the nonprofit OneSight; the center was designed to address the vision needs of roughly 5,000 students in surrounding Coney Island schools as well as PS 188. OneSight, LensCrafters and Family Health Centers at NYU Langone joined forces with the UFT and the city’s Department of Education to provide the vision services.

The vision center is the latest addition to PS 188’s state-of-the-art school-based health center, run by Family Health Centers at NYU Langone. The school-based health center provides PS 188 students with primary and preventative medical care, mental health, dental services, and now for the first time in a school, vision care.

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Press Releases