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UFT launches new TV ad campaign highlighting dedication of teachers

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The UFT launched on Sept. 23 a new television ad campaign highlighting the passion and dedication of New York City public school teachers.

The 30-second spot -- Rock Steady -- will run from Sept. 23 to Oct. 7 on broadcast stations and cable television networks in the New York Cityarea. In addition to the presidential debate, it will appear on Morning Joe, Hardball, the Today Show, Good Morning America, The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Mets and Yankees games, The Voice and other widely watched programs.

The spot begins with an anchor saying “The candidates. The issues. The debate goes back and forth.” The voiceover is followed by New York City public school teacher Laura Marchese declaring, “We stay rock steady.”

Others speakers in the spot include New York City public school teachers Kishayna Hazlewood, Adrian Brooks, Sari Rosenberg, public school parent Tanya Ortiz, and public school students asserting how “ together, we can build great public schools… for every child.”

Total cost for the ad campaign is expected to exceed $1 million. The spot was produced by Shorr, Johnson, and Magnus Strategic Media.

Below is a transcript:



Fade up graphics reflecting 2016 Elections.

ANNCRThe candidates.  The issues.  The debate goes back and forth.

Cut to Laura in classroom early morning. SUPER:  Laura Marchese, NYC Public School Teacher

LAURA (SYNC):  We stay rock steady. 

Cut to Laura setting up her classroom, then cut to Tanya and son, walking to school. SUPER:  Tanya Ortiz, NYC Public School Parent

LAURA (VO): Making a difference, every single day. 

Cut to Adrian to camera in 4th grade classroom.  SUPER: Adrian Brooks, NYC Public School Parent.

ADRIAN (SYNC):  We’re New York City public school teachers.

Cut to Sari teaching middle school.

SARI (VO):  Challenging minds.

Cut to student, raising hand in class.

ADRIAN (VO): Motivating dreams.

Cut to Kishayna to camera in library.  SUPERKishayna Hazlewood, NYC Public School Teacher

KISHAYNA:  (SYNC):  Encouraging excellence.

Cut to Adrian working with one student in classroom.

SARI (VO):  Because rock steady means…

Cut to Sari to camera in classroom.  SUPER:  Sari Rosenberg, NYC Public School Teacher

SARI (SYNC):  ….never letting up.

Cut to parent-teacher conference.

PARENT (VO): Parents and the community are pitching in…

Cut to Adrian engaging class in a discussion

ANDRIAN (VO): Together, we can build great public schools…

Cut to lower working with kindergarten students

LAURA (VO:)  …. in every neighborhood…

Cut to student to camera.  Camera pulls out to reveal grid of nine students. 

STUDENT (SYNC): … for every child!

Cut to shot of NYC. SUPER:  LOGO.
United Federation of Teachers, Michael Mulgrew, President

ANNCR: Passion and promise in our public schools.  The United Federation of Teachers.

Press Releases