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Reminder to review job postings

Each teacher assigned position offered by the Department of Education has a position summary and specific duties/responsibilities.

If you have not reviewed the vacancy circular related to your job title since the DOE hired you, I strongly encourage you to do so. This will help you to better understand the requirements expected of you as well as your relationship to other DOE-support structures. You should also review Article 11 of our contract, which outlines guidelines for assignment as a teacher assigned, hours of service, the work year, sick leave, annual leave and more.

To view our contract online, you’ll need to make sure you are signed up on the website. Signing up just takes a minute and it’s important because only by signing up do you receive emails from our chapter and the union and get full access to our contract online.

If you have any questions regarding your individual position summary or duties, please contact the DOE’s Division of Human Resources and Talent by calling 718-935-4000.

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