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2016 Costs for Medicare Part B

New York Teacher

Our UFT retirees did a tremendous job of pressuring members of Congress to agree on a bipartisan budget compromise that helped halt skyrocketing Medicare premiums and deductibles.

There will be an increase in the 2016 Medicare Part B monthly premium, as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services announced on Nov. 10. 

However, because there was no increase in the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) for Social Security benefits in 2016, 70 percent of Part B Medicare enrollees will not have to pay higher Part B premiums in 2016 due to the so-called “hold harmless” provision in the Social Security law. They will continue to pay the same monthly premium of $104.90 as they did in 2015. That is due in large part to our work.

The 30 percent of enrollees who will pay a higher monthly premium, which will range from $121.80 monthly (or higher, depending on income), fall into one of these five groups:

  • You enroll in Part B for the first time in 2016
  • You don’t receive Social Security benefits 
  • You’re directly billed for your Part B premiums
  • You have Medicare and Medicaid, and Medicaid pays your premiums (your state will pay the standard premium amount of $121.80)
  • Your modified adjusted gross income as reported on your IRS tax return from two years ago is above a certain amount.

If you’re in one of these five groups, here’s what you’ll pay:

If your yearly income in 2014 (for what you pay in 2016) was You pay (in 2016)
File individual tax return File joint tax return File married and separate tax return  
$85,000 or less $170,000 or less $84,000 or less $121.80
Above $85,000 up to $107,000 Above $170,000 up to $214,000 Not applicable $170.50
Above $107,000 up  to $160,000  Above $214,000 up to $320,000 Not applicable $243.60
Above $160,000 up to $214,000 Above $320,000 up to $428,000 Above $85,000 and up to  $129,000  $316.70
Above $214,000 Above $428,000 Above $129,000 $389.80
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