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Contact health benefits programs via secure email

New York Teacher

The Health Benefits Retiree client service walk-in center is closed.

Due to the closure of the office, it cannot access or process forms or correspondence mailed or faxed on March 11, 2020, or after. Please resubmit your documents as follows:

1) Inquires and questions can be emailed to

2) Forms/documents can be sent via email to Please do NOT include your Social Security number; include your Employee ID or pension number only.

3) For questions regarding the PICA prescription drug benefit program, please call 800-467-2006.

4) If you are a HIP-HMO member turning 65 or on Medicare due to a dis-ability, please contact HIP at 800-447-9169 to enroll over the phone. Please identify yourself as a city of New York retiree or dependent of a retiree.

For all other members enrolled in an HMO plan, please contact your health plan at the customer service phone numbers on the back of your ID card.