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Retired Teachers Chapter News

Retiree health care updates

Retired Teachers Chapter News

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We will post updates for retirees as we have more information. 

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Past posts on Medicare Advantage Plus

The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan, a custom program for city retirees

The City and the Municipal Labor Committee selected an alliance between Empire BlueCross BlueShield and Emblem Health to provide the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan to retirees and their eligible dependents. The NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan is a Medicare Advantage plan which is an alternative to the traditional Medicare program. It will replace the current Senior Care program, which is a supplement to traditional Medicare, as the program that is free to all retirees. Retirees will automatically be enrolled in the new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan with an effective date of January 1, 2022. Retirees will have the ability to opt-out of the NYC Medicare Advantage Plus Plan and buy up to and remain in the health plan they are currently a member of during September and October before the program start date. View Announcement Letter to Retirees

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