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Retired Teachers Chapter News

Retiree lump-sum payments

Retired Teachers Chapter News

An independent arbitrator on Oct. 9 overturned City Hall’s attempt to avoid paying deferred wages to thousands of city educators. The arbitrator ruled that eligible members would receive the first half of the final lump-sum payment this fall and the second half in July 2021.

Members who retired after June 30, 2014, are eligible for the lump sum.

Retirees who get direct deposit should see the lump sum on or after Nov. 16. Retirees who still get paper checks should expect the lump sum up to 15 business days after Nov. 16.

If you have not received your lump-sum payment by Nov. 30, please call the union at 212-331-6314.

Lump Sum Chart 2020

Arbitrator overturns city’s decision to delay lump-sum payment

An arbitrator overturned City Hall’s decision to delay lump-sum payments to thousands of city educators, ordering the city to pay half the amount owed by Oct. 31, and the rest by the end of July 2021.