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Retiree Optional Rider checks to be mailed in February

New York Teacher

UFT retirees will be receiving their Optional Rider reimbursement at the end of February.

This year’s reimbursement continues at the rate of up to $780 for retirees whose Optional Rider or health plan deduction was in effect for all of 2020. Retirees whose rider or health plan was in effect for less than 12 months will receive reimbursement at the rate of $65 per month. If the monthly deduction was not greater than $65, the Welfare Fund will cover the full monthly amount.

Checks are mailed to most retirees automatically. An eligible member who retired in 2020 and has not received a reimbursement check by April 1 should download a 2020 Rider Claim Form from our website at Retirees should submit this form and allow at least four weeks for their benefit check to be processed. 

Retirees may be eligible for the Optional Rider benefit even if their health coverage is not from a New York City health plan. This benefit is available whether the retiree maintains the health plan or is covered under his/her spouse or domestic partner, as long as the plan includes prescription drug coverage. The retiree must submit a completed Non-NYC Rider Claim Form each year along with documentation showing direct payments or deductions for the health insurance plan. 

Different claim forms are required depending on whether the reimbursement is for a New York City health plan or for a non-New York City health plan. Both claim forms can be downloaded from the UFT Welfare Fund website at

Retirees who returned to work in positions that provide in-service prescription drug benefits and use this benefit will have their Optional Rider reimbursement reduced by the prescription drug costs paid by the Welfare Fund, calculated on a month-by-month basis.

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