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Confirmation of MSK participation in NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan

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New York Daily News article about the new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan published on Jan. 21 suggested inaccurately that Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center would not be in network. In the insurance information section of the MSK website, the hospital confirms that the plan will be accepted: “However, effective 4/1/22, most of the Empire BCBS Medicare Advantage plans, including the NYC retiree Plus plan, will be in-network with MSK.”

UFT Welfare Fund Executive Director Geofrey Sorkin issued the following statement in response:

Once again, the article in the Daily  News is factually inaccurate.  The new NYC Medicare Advantage Plus plan is absolutely accepted and contracted with Memorial Sloan Kettering. Unlike most Medicare Advantage plans, which are HMOs, this new plan is a  PPO which affords much greater access to providers and facilities, including Memorial Sloan Kettering. 

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