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SHIP 2021 premium notices

New York Teacher

The Supplemental Health Insurance Program’s 2021 premium notices will be sent in early January to retirees who have not elected to pay premiums via automatic pension deduction.

As previously advised, retirees who are eligible for automatic deductions, but do not elect to have them, will be charged a $30 administrative fee, in addition to the premium.

If you are receiving a pension check that is not enough to cover the SHIP monthly annual premium of $10 per person, you must submit a copy of your pension stub along with the premium payment and the $30 fee will be waived.

Surviving spouse and COBRA enrollees are exempt from the $30 fee because they are not eligible for automatic deductions. If you wish to have automatic deduction for future years and avoid this $30 fee, please request a pension deduction card when making a payment.

Please wait until you have received a bill before submitting your premium. Your canceled check is your receipt. SHIP cannot confirm receipt of payments over the telephone.