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Summer checks for new retirees

New York Teacher

Members who are retiring at the end of the school year will receive four summer checks.

It is important that those checks be cashed on the dates indicated and not before. If you participated in the direct deposit program, four summer pay stubs will be given to you in school. Your checks will be deposited in your account on the date payment is due. For those members who do not receive paper pay stubs, they can be viewed and printed from the DOE’s payroll portal

Any necessary adjustment for these checks will be made when the final entitlement form is processed by the DOE. UFT dues and pension deductions will be returned automatically in the fall after the DOE provides the UFT and the TRS with the necessary documentation indicating that the summer checks have been cashed.

If a member has a negative cumulative absence reserve (CAR) balance, the member’s payroll school should withhold one or two of the checks in accordance with the following formula: If the negative CAR is minus five to minus 10 days, the Aug. 31 check will be withheld; if the negative CAR is minus 11 to 20 days, the Aug. 15 and Aug. 31 checks will be withheld.

Please note: Checks are not mailed directly to you; they will be sent to your last payroll school. Arrangements must be made with your payroll secretary.