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School Secretaries Newsletter - Spring 2014

Another school year gone, and what a year! We have a new mayor and chancellor who respect us and are working with us to strengthen our school system and develop our profession. We have a new contract that gives us a greater voice in the schools, in our own professional development and in reducing unnecessary paperwork.

Now as the school year ends, we are making plans to add to and improve our chapter website. Please keep an eye on it. Let me know of any items or information you would like to see posted on our website.

As your chapter leader, I am here for you! You can email me anytime at

Thank you for your dedication to your profession and our union.

Have a wonderful summer!


Mona Gonzalez
Chapter Leader

Spread the word: Sign up for UFT emails!

Take a moment to tell your colleagues to sign up to receive UFT emails! Signing up just takes a minute and it is critically important to make sure our members get timely news that concerns our chapter, including on professional development. Tell your colleagues to sign up now.

Who are our chapter representatives?

I want to make sure you know that in addition to the position of chapter leader, our chapter has four other officers, an executive committee and delegates to represent you:

School secretaries representatives:

  • Chapter leader: Mona Gonzalez
  • First vice chairperson: Charlene Jones
  • Second vice chairperson: Rita Prior
  • Corresponding secretary: Doreen Schafer
  • Recording secretary: Rosie Cortijo

Executive Committee members:

  • Doreen Berrios-Castillo
  • Marie Brauer
  • Catherine DeLuca
  • Paula Morrison
  • Patricia O'Reilly
  • Patricia Riccardella
  • Rita Segarra
  • Erica Stewart

Delegate Assembly delegates: Doreen Berrios-Castillo, Marie Brauer, Elloree O. Brown, Raylene Charles, Aracelia Cook, Rosie Cortijo, Sonji Daley, Marlene Delgado, Catherine DeLuca, Janet Garland, Laura Genovese, Tina Giammarrusco, Mona Gonzalez, Donna Halstead, Violet Hughes, Charlene Jones, Martha Jordan, Phyllis LaBanca, Errol Lewis, Lisa Martucci, Elaine Mercante, Michelle Minetti, Patricia O’Reilly, Christina Peralta, Rita Prior, Patricia Riccardella, Yolanda Rivera, Linda Salvia, Lynn Sanders, Doreen Schafer, Nancy Ann Scotto, Rita Segarra, Ana Solano, Mary Spirocostas, Erica Stewart, Diana Warden.

Staff liaison: Laura Tamburo

Professional development for next year

Did you receive and complete our survey on professional development? Don’t worry if you did not. I hope to come back to you again either over the summer or in early fall to seek more information from you about the kinds of PD you want.

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