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Teachers Assigned Chapter Update - June 2017

Your chapter leader and the union fight for you year-round, making sure your contractual rights are upheld. Chapter leaders meet regularly with DOE officials to solve problems and bring your issues to the forefront. We’re introducing this Chapter Update to keep members posted about these meetings and the progress we make negotiating on your behalf.

  • Our peer validators meeting on May 9 – We held a meeting with peer validators on May 9 at UFT headquarters to address growing concern over the Department of Education's recent title change for this group. Amy Arundell, the UFT's director of personnel, payroll and special projects, provided information and answered questions. I commend our Advisory Council member Shawn Fisch for bringing this issue to the forefront. This is a great example of why our Advisory Council members are so invaluable to supporting you and I will continue to address any outstanding issues regarding peer validators.
  • Teachers assigned returning to school-based positions For teachers assigned who have expressed interest in returning to their schools, Article 11B of our contract states that all teachers assigned have to request to return to their school within the first year of their assignment. Teachers assigned who wish to return to a school-based position after a year can only do so through the Open Market Transfer period, which runs through Aug. 7. Teachers assigned, as with all teachers using the Open Market to transfer, must find a position and receive an offer from a principal. The only title within the teachers assigned chapter that has a right of return to a former school within two years is the peer validator position. Peer validators have a two-year assignment and, as a result, may return to their schools within two years. I will inquire about whether there is a new deadline for universal literacy coaches and update you on my findings.

Issues we're working on

  • Update on parking permits  Our Executive Board discussed parking permits recently reinstated by the DOE at our last meeting on May 15. According to the DOE, the number of parking spaces around a school building will remain the same. Teachers assigned should keep in mind that some schools may not have parking spaces. It is not yet clear what will happen to teachers assigned who are designated to work in multiple sites and at different times. I will update you on this issue as more details become available.
  • Other important news  We are revising the Frequently Asked Questions page on the Teachers Assigned Chapter website. I will let you know when the new page is complete.


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