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Tenure and ratings for speech improvement chapter members

Principals may not use the teacher tenure framework as a rubric to assess functional chapter members’ performance or make tenure decisions. The tenure framework only applies to tenure decisions for classroom teachers. The speech chapter tenure workshops are offered by our chapter during the school year and during the speech survival class. You can get more information at your UFT district meeting or from your UFT district representative, superintendent, principal or speech supervisor. These district meetings and conversations may also help you to better prepare for your portfolios and tenure process with the help of your district representative and often with your superintendent. Information on portfolios changes each year and varies from district to district, so attend your district meetings to see what the expectations are in your district.

Make sure that you are getting multiple observations from your speech supervisor and that you are known in your school building by the administration. You must be an active and collaborative member of your school building and be mindful or attendance and lateness. Review the yearly rating sheet to see the categories and to understand the parameters for a satisfactory rating 

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