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Resolution on gender-neutral restrooms

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, it is a paramount duty of the UFT to ensure that all of the UFT community (members, staff and visitors) have access to public services, including restrooms; and

WHEREAS, safe access to public services is neither a luxury nor a special right; and

WHEREAS, gender-segregated restrooms impede the ability of some of the UFT community to access public restrooms by creating uncomfortable and unsafe spaces; and

WHEREAS, gender-segregated restrooms have the potential to be sites of sexual orientation-based intimidation, harassment and assault; and

WHEREAS, gender-neutral restrooms promote diversity and foster an environment that acknowledges, appreciates, respects and creates equal opportunity for our diverse UFT community; and

WHEREAS, the UFT’s policies uphold the value of inclusion and a commitment to diversity and non-discrimination; and

WHEREAS, those in the UFT community who have disabilities are not able to bring their differently-gendered attendants into restrooms; and WHEREAS, those accompanying differently-gendered children would benefit from those facilities; and

WHEREAS, the DOE committed to implementing policies that require that all DOE school buildings include at least one single-stall restroom for transgender and gender non-conforming students by January 2018; and WHEREAS, the AFT and NEA, out national affiliates, have created gender-neutral restrooms for their respective conventions; and

WHEREAS, all UFT facilities do not currently have gender-neutral restrooms; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the UFT bring itself into full compliance with its non-discrimination policy; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the UFT will provide accessible gender-neutral restrooms in all its facilities.

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