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Union Resolutions

Resolution to honor those who founded the UFT

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, on March 16, 1960, the dream of so many NYC teachers came true as teachers came together and formed the United Federation of Teachers, and

WHEREAS, until that time, teachers were divided into many organizations and repeated efforts to coalesce failed. Consequently, the small groups could do little to help themselves improve salary and workplace conditions, and

WHEREAS, the Teachers Guild AFL-CIO, the AFT local in New York City, and an organization of high school teachers called the Committee for Action Through Unity, wanted to form a single organization to bring NYC public school teachers into one union but various issues divided them including the idea among high school teachers that they should be paid more, and

WHEREAS, a great compromise was reached ­— the promotional differential — which enabled all teachers to qualify for a special differential, and thus was born the United Federation of Teachers, therefore be it

RESOLVED, that on March 16, 2019, we celebrate the founding of our union and pause for a moment to reflect on the determination and resolve of the union’s founders to overcome their differences to achieve unity and a strong voice for all.

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