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Resolution to support the Every School Speed Safety Camera Act

Union Resolutions

WHEREAS, according to research from the NYC Department of Transportation, traffic accidents are the primary cause of injury-related deaths for NYC children; and

WHEREAS, speeding is overwhelmingly the most significant cause of vehicle accidents and the number one contributing factor to traffic fatalities in NYC; and

WHEREAS, NYC has already installed speed cameras in 140 school zones, and the DOT has reported a 60% drop in speeding infractions in these locations; and

WHEREAS, students at most of the city’s 2,600 schools are unprotected by speed safety cameras; and

WHEREAS, the Every School Speed Safety Camera Act would allow the installation of speed cameras near every school in NYC, protecting all pedestrians including students who walk through these school zones every day; and

WHEREAS, the UFT and NYS United Teachers recently issued a legislative memo of support for Assembly Bill 9861, which would provide for the installation of photo speed violation systems; therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the UFT supports the passage of the Every School Speed Safety Camera Act; and be it further

RESOLVED, that the UFT supports the #EverySchool campaign to join with the voices of parents, educators and children who demand protection for all pedestrians from speed-related, avoidable traffic accidents.