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Update on March 7 Education Officer Exam

For those of you with concerns about the follow up to the March 7 Education Officer Exam, we have some information.

If you submitted a protest form at the end of your exam, you will be notified of a protest session within the next two months. You had seven days after the exam to submit this form protesting questions you thought were unfair, incorrect or irrelevant. The date of the protest session will not be released until DCAS goes through all of the protest forms and determines which are valid protests.

After protest sessions have been held, DCAS, based on the results of the session, will review which protests are valid and which are not.

Based on that criteria, some questions may be removed from the exam. This may cause the score of some exams to rise. However, if a question is removed, no exam score will decrease. Please note: Exam scores rarely dramatically change due to protests.

Once these steps are completed, DCAS will form a list. Everyone must wait until a list is established before any personnel changes can be made — even if you received a failing score. Historically, after an exam, it takes between eight months to two years to establish a list.

If you have any further questions about civil service regulations, feel free to contact this number: DCAS civil service inquiries at 212-669-1357.

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