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City pays incentive for waiving city health benefits

New York Teacher

Are you covered by a New York City health benefits plan but also covered by the non-city health insurance plan of your parent, spouse or domestic partner, or through other employment?

The city will make an annual incentive payment of $500 for individual coverage and $1,000 for family coverage if the UFT member waives New York City health benefits plan coverage.

You may enroll in the New York City Health Benefits Buyout Waiver Program for city employees during the annual open enrollment transfer period, which this year runs from Oct. 1 to Oct. 31.

You may also seek a waiver within 31 days of becoming eligible for city health benefits coverage or as a result of a qualifying event such as your spouse getting a new job with non-city health insurance.

The city distributes the incentive payment in two equal, semiannual installments as part of the first June paycheck and the first December paycheck. A prorated payment is given if you enroll in the Health Benefits Buyout Waiver Program less than six months prior to a scheduled incentive payment.

For more information and to download forms to enroll in the program, see the information about MSC (Medical Spending Conversion) Health Benefits BuyOut Waiver Program on the city website.

You can also contact the UFT Welfare Fund at 212-539-0500 if you have questions about the waiver program.

Even if you waive New York City health plan benefits, you are still entitled to your UFT Welfare Fund benefits, which include valuable supplemental benefits such as dental, prescription drug, disability and optical benefits.

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