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A dental plan for noncovered relatives of UFT members

New York Teacher

The UFT’s Direct Access Dental Plan provides access to quality dental care at a discounted rate to UFT members’ family members not covered by the regular UFT dental plan. Parents, married children up to age 26 and other relatives of UFT members may take advantage of this plan, in addition to UFT family child care providers, part-time employees and per-diem substitutes without benefits.

Working in cooperation with 700 dentists who belong to the Self-Insured Dental Services (SIDS) plan in the New York City area, this plan can significantly reduce dental costs for these people. With individual plan rates of $36 a year and family rates of $48 a year, your noncovered family members have access to a panel of dentists — from general practitioners to specialists — who will charge a discounted, prenegotiated rate that is published in the schedule of benefits.

Here’s how it works: As a Direct Access Dental Plan subscriber, you schedule a visit with one of the 700 dentists in the plan. You are responsible for paying the dentist at the time of service. Your charges, as indicated in the dental schedule of payments listed will be significantly lower than your dentist’s usual and customary charges. There are no frequency limits or exclusions, no claim forms to file, no pre-authorization required, no maximums and no deductibles.

For more information on how the plan works, visit UFT Direct Access or download the application and a brochure about the plan.

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