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School Quality Reports released

New York Teacher

The city Department of Education on Nov. 10 released School Quality Reports for the 2014–15 school year for all elementary, middle and high schools. The reports offer “snapshots” aimed at parents and longer school quality “guides,” with more detailed breakdowns, aimed at educators.

The new quality reports, which replace the Bloomberg-era A–F letter grades, evaluate schools on a four-point scale on rigorous instruction, collaborative teaching, effective school leadership, a climate of trust and several other measures of school success. The reports now include statistics on chronic absenteeism, teacher experience and, in the high school reports, the advanced placement courses offered at the school and college enrollment rates. Information in the reports is drawn from formal school visits; parent, teacher and student feedback from the NYC School Survey; and student achievement and progress measures.

In a change from previous years, peer groups are no longer based on a whole school’s scores and demographics. Now the reports create a peer group for each individual student and compare his or her test results to 50 students in the same grade who are most similar in previous scores and demographics. The new reports also include performance targets for each school to reach this year.

You can find your school’s report on the DOE’s website.

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