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Thinking of resigning?

New York Teacher

If you are considering resigning, be aware that you will lose eligibility for retroactive payments in the new contract if you resign.

Also, be aware of the regulations governing resignations. You must give 30 calendar days’ notice before resigning, including the summer months. Therefore, if a teacher wants to resign (not retire) effective Sept. 2, the first day of work for teachers this coming school year, he or she has to submit a letter of resignation by Aug. 2.

According to the DOE, those employees who resign without providing 30 calendar days’ notice will be given a problem code in their personnel file that will flag them for review should they wish to return to teaching in the future. There is no notice requirement for retiring teachers.

If you wish to return to the DOE and maintain your tenure status, you must return within five years of the effective resignation date and must apply to withdraw the resignation using the form on the DOE website at

That application must be submitted to the DOE on or before the first workday for teachers in order for a reinstatement with tenure to be processed. The DOE does not accept late applications.

If you fail to return within five years or fail to apply to submit the information for withdrawal of resignation, then the DOE will give tenure credit and you will serve one year of probation. If you are transferring to another school within the DOE, you do not resign from your current school.

Anyone considering resigning should contact his or her UFT borough office before resigning to discuss the impact of resignation on pension, tenure, job security and other things.

You Should Know