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UFT Welcome Center opens at 52 Broadway

New York Teacher

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When UFT members arrive at union headquarters, the union wants them to feel welcome and know they’ll receive top-notch service from their first interaction with the UFT. That’s why the UFT opened a Welcome Center in the lobby of 52 Broadway on Sept. 5.

From Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 p.m. when school is in session, members coming to 52 Broadway will first visit the Welcome Center, where they’ll be greeted by staff and a union officer. The UFT is taking this step to help ensure that members find the services they’re seeking and are directed to the appropriate department to answer their questions and address their issues.

Members may travel to union headquarters to attend a workshop, obtain information on member benefits or follow up on a grievance. Whatever the reason, the UFT wants each and every member to have a good experience.