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Catastrophic major medical insurance open enrollment

New York Teacher

Whatever your age or the type of medical insurance you have, you can be left with extraordinary out-of-pocket medical expenses if you have a serious medical issue or require convalescent, custodial or home health care.

The UFT’s state affiliate, the New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), sponsors a supplemental plan that can help cover catastrophic health care costs for members and their eligible family members.

The Catastrophe Major Medical Plan (CMM), sponsored by the NYSUT Member Benefits Catastrophe Major Medical Insurance Trust, provides benefits for eligible expenses that a basic health plan may not fully cover, including prescription drugs. The plan is open to all in-service UFT members (along with their eligible family members) who live in New York State and are dues-paying members of NYSUT.

This is an in-demand plan with an infrequent (not annual) open-enrollment period for accepting new members. The open-enrollment period provides the opportunity for adding dependents, so those who currently have this benefit but missed the 60-day window to add a spouse or child can do so now.

Although retirees can’t join during the open-enrollment period, those retirees who enrolled in the Catastrophe Major Medical Plan when they were in service can add a spouse if they hadn’t previously.

For any questions on the plan, call NYSUT at 800-626-8101.

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