Deduction increases for transit plans


If you use TransitChek, the MTA will be raising various transit fares effective March 19, including the 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard, which will increase from $116.50 to $121. In accordance with the fare changes, payroll deduction amounts will increase for the Commuter Card-No Admin Fee plan and the Premium TransitChek MetroCard plan, which are based on the cost of the 30-Day Unlimited Ride MetroCard. Payroll deduction changes will take effect for all pay cycles dated on or after Feb. 9. The amount automatically will increase from $58.25 to $60.50. Members enrolled in all other commuter benefit program plans with a deduction amount designated by the employee will need to review their commuting costs. If you need to change your payroll deductions to cover your new transportation costs, you can do so on the Payroll Portal. A list of all MTA increases can be found on the MTA website.

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