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My co-teacher and I created a basket of different kinds of nonfiction mentor texts that we use to teach informational writing to our 2nd-graders. Included in the basket are how-to books, stories that teach, all-about books and question-and-answer books. All books are full of our Post-it notes from planning out our mini lessons. The best part about them is that the children have access to these wonderful mentor texts. During writing workshop, they love to look through them, read our notes and use them for support when writing their own nonfiction books. Our students can find all the different features and crafts we teach them as they try them in their own nonfiction writing. Class 2-200 is thrilled to have a plethora of nonfiction master texts at hand to utilize as a learning tool!

Niki Pappas, 2nd-grade ICT teacher, PS 17, Astoria, Queens

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